Those Tears I've Cried (the album) Winner Outstanding Country Recording Detroit Music Awards 2014
The Single "I Think About You" Winner of The People's Choice Award - Detroit Music Awards 2014 Daily Tribune

This album [Those Tears I've Cried] hit the bullseye. The band can play. Steve Scott can sing; with the polished add that he can also write.
Check it out!
George Peden, Nuts About Country

"Love your music, glad to have it in the station rotation. Keep up the great work"

We’ll be hearing a good deal more from this charismatic performer.
Rob Dickens,

Steve Scott delivers an album that blends country with rock and blues overtones. ...[Those Tears I've Cried] is a solid and enjoyable album that highlights Scott's songwriting, solid singing, production and guitar talents.
Paul McGee, Lonesome Highway

Steve Scott is proof that the Motor City (i.e., Detroit) is not only defined by automobile manufacturing and heavy rock. It also makes country music in an equally powerful, committed and beautiful way - as evidenced by this new release Those Tears I've Cried. Steve Scott is a musician and a creative force.
Sam Pierre, Le Cri du Coyote

THOSE TEARS I’VE CRIED by Steve Scott Country is an intriguing release which succeeds in both striving to conform and challenge convention.
David Hughes, Three Chords and the Truth UK

"I Think About You" ... we love this tune so much! Chrissie Harper, Eagle Country Radio

[The Soldier] song is catchy yet simple, dignified yet exciting to listen to ... I have to admit I was pretty moved. Paul Morris,

.... If you give this CD only a superficial listen it will trick you into believing it’s all been done before – simply due to the fact that it’s absolutely enjoyable to listen to and so well done. But, however, when you listen closely to Those Tears I've Cried you hear that Steve Scott does most things just a little better than many of his competitors in the same genre: better vocals, better musicians, better songs and better productions with interesting excursions into other genres ranging from rock to bluegrass....
Erwin Zijleman, De krenten uit de pop - English Translation

[The new release Those Tears I've Cried] is excellent!
Stephen Kilbride, WRFG Radio Free Georgia

If you like “rockin’ country” this album is an absolute must! Holly Moors, Moors Magazine

Tequilarama is a hit! The Magazine of Country Music, Feb. 2014

Here’s a Song that will Never Get Old “Have You Ever Known a Soldier?” Social Underground, Oct. 2014

[In Those Tears I've Cried] Steve Scott strides the line between country and rock ... Scott is an excellent guitarist and fine vocalist and is accompanied by a tight band
David Bowling, Cashbox Music Magazine

Some of the tracks on this album [Those Tears I've Cried] aim their radio friendlily sound directly at country charts and hit the bull’s-eye! Valsam, RootsTime Magazine

Scott has come up with some good songs … There’s good music [In Those Tears I've Cried] … lots of crashing guitars and a strong drum beat.
Larry Stephens, Lonesome Road Review

[Those Tears I’ve Cried] is the sort of country you hear on country radio, minus the big production … you’ll dig this.
Brett Callwood, Metro Times, Detroit

[Steve Scott Country is one] solid band and [the new album Those Tears I've Cried is a] very good production!
Jon Alan, Hawaii Public Radio

Steve Scott and his new CD inform us all that really good country music doesn’t just come from places like Texas. He also looks great on the cover by the way. This record is straightforward solid Country (and independent).
Fred Schmale, Real Roots Cafe

[This new album, from Steve Scott Country, Those Tears I've Cried] is really good!
Kevin Elliot, WEFT Radio Champaign, IL

“Made In Detroit: Rustbelt Country . . . Americana at its best” is what you’ll find written on the website of singer/songwriter Steve Scott of Steve Scott Country. He calls his mix of New Country, Rock, Blues and Bluegrass "Rustbelt Country," but, whatever you call it ultimately doesn’t matter. Scott, in fact, has managed to develop his own unique characterizes and style which are expressed on this truly original second album Those Tears I've Cried. All songs, including some remixes of tracks found on his debut album, are written by Steve Scott. This album is put together well; perfectly mixed by Al Sutton - Producer/Engineer of Kid Rock fame. In the end, this collaboration put forth one tasteful work - a cleverly constructed great album! Max W. Achatz, Country Jukebox Magazine

Those Tears I've Cried ... A fresh take on today’s country, here mixed with blues and rock.
Patrick Van de Wiele, Keys and Chords

... Steve Scott’s Shinin’ Like You Do is a fantastic debut from an exceptionally talented musician.  Even if the album’s not entirely perfect, it comes awfully close at times by being varied, entertaining, and well-performed.  The rock/bluegrass/country style that Scott embraces is fairly unique, and as something like “Rocky Top” shows, if he wanted to go all the way into one genre, he could do so with ease.  Instead, Scott paves a new path and music listeners get to reap the benefits of his pioneering style.  
Heath Andrews, Heath Reviews

"Shinin' Like You Do" is an inspiring album by Steve Scott Country! There is a mixture of music in him: Pop, Rock, Blues, Folk and Country.
John Shelton Ivany,  

... Steve has created great country songs that many will love. We feel here at Ultimate Music Mix, that Steve's songs are soothing and really enjoyable, we could listen to them all day long, and never get bored with them ... Ron Farpella,  

Presented here is Steve Scott, an artist who brings his music with conviction and passion. We highly recommend this debut album "Shinin 'Like You Do". Pretty much every song is a gem and both the Fans of rockin' country music as well as traditional Americana will get their money's worth. These powerful songs are - with the exception of "Rocky Top" and "Amazing Grace" - all originals, which are fascinating in their symbiosis of style. The beauty of the Nashville sound is powerfully shown throughout this CD by this singer/songwriter and his band.
Max W. Achatz, Country Jukebox Magazine

... Overall a romantic and poetic cowboy! A strong debut! "Fans of country as well as traditional Americana will be delighted."
Patrick Van de Wiele, Keys and Chords

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01/09/2016 Your donations from the download of "Have You Ever Known a Soldier?" went out today to Wish for Our Heros

09/13/2015 Your donations from the download of "Have You Ever Known a Soldier?" went out today to Wish for Our Heros

07/14/2015 Your donations from the download of "Have You Ever Known a Soldier?" went out today to Wish for Our Heros

06/12/2015 New exciting article by Paul Morris about "the Soldier song" on

05/06/2015 Your donations from the download of "Have You Ever Known a Soldier?" went out today to Wish for Our Heros

02/17/2015 A big shout-out to Streekomroep START 99.1 FM Geleen, NL for playing Steve Scott Country!

02/07/2015 A big shout-out to Radio Cardiff 98.7 FM for playing Steve Scott Country! Click to listen to us on the Honky Tonky Radio Show

01/18/2015 Your donations from the download of "Have You Ever Known a Soldier?" went out today to Wish for Our Heros

1/5/2015 "Island Time" DJ Dennis King from WBWC 88.3 FM The Sting Berea, OH added "Tequilarama" in rotation. "Island Time" is one of the best FM trop-rock radio programs out there. We are really excited!!!

12/23/2014 Tonight "Have You Ever Known a Soldier?" the video surpassed 100,000 views. Thanks for all your support

12/14/2014 Your donations from the download of "Have You Ever Known a Soldier?" went out today to Wish for Our Heros

11/12/2014 Interview at Radio Verde, Viterbo Italy with Gioa Capulli

10/08/2014 Here’s a Song that will Never Get Old “Have You Ever Known a Soldier?” Social Underground

04/26/2014 Steve Scott Country shares the spotlight with Eminem and the Four Tops Detroit Daily Tribune

04/25/2014 Steve Scott Country wins twice at the Detroit Music Awards 2014: Outstanding Country Recording and the People's Choice Award!

04/12/2014 Great News: The single "I Think About You" nominated for Detroit Music Awards People's Choice Award 2014

04/09/2014 Just received news that "I Think About You" is the song of the week (April 7-13) on Eagle Country Radio, France

04/04/2014 First week top 40 (#30) on the News Music Weekly Country Chart (STS)

04/01/2014 "I Think About You" continues to be spinned on CountryFile The Americana Zone Radio Show (Havenstad FM) 3 TIMES WINNER DCMA AWARD FOR BEST COUNTRYSHOW ON DUTCH RADIO

03/27/2014 Americana Music Association Campaign Launch AMA Consideration

03/09/2014 Great News! Steve's Album Those Tears I've Cried nominated Outstanding Country Recording Detroit Music Awards 2014

03/04/2014 Giving Back to Veterans article published on

02/15/2014 "I Think About You" this week charted #1 on the Roots Music Report Michigan Chart

02/07/2014 This is our 7th week in Top 40 on Roots Music Report National Chart

02/07/2014 This is our 9th week Top 10 on Roots Music Report Michigan Chart

02/05/2014 Railroad Earth’s Outlaws On Top! Our new album Those Tears I've Cried is Top 40 (#11) on Jambands Music Chart Relix Magazine.

02/05/2014 "I Think About You" made the cut for the People's Choice Awards Detroit Music Award 2014

01/27/2014 New Year's Shout! Our new album Those Tears I've Cried (#24) on Jambands Music Chart Relix Magazine.

01/18/2014 This is our 6th week in Top 40 on Roots Music Report National Chart for Pop Country.

01/14/2014 Check out Steve's Interview on KWBY Cowboy Capital. Cowboy Radio @ 10:30 AM Texas Time

12/19/2013 Official Press Release for Those Tears I've Cried

12/14/2013 This is our 5th week in a row in Top 40 on Roots Music Report National Chart for Pop Country.

12/7/2013 This is our fourth week in a row in Top 40 on Roots Music Report National Chart for Pop Country. Thanks so much for all your support.

12/1/2013 This is our third week in a row in Top 40 on Roots Music Report National Chart for Pop Country. Thanks so much for all your support.

11/17/2013 Breaking News: Steve Scott Country invades Germany! Those Tears I've Cried (the Album) in rotation onThe New Country Show, Bermuda Funk FM.

11/16/2013 Kickin' Ass and takin' no prisoners! Top 40 on the RMR National Chart for Pop Country.

11/16/2013 Rising to #3 on the Roots Music Chart for Michigan.

11/2/2013 We are now #6 on the Roots Music Chart here in Michigan.

11/04/2013 National Radio Campaign Starts Those Tears I've Cried Radio Promo

10/19/2013 The New Release Celebration on Mix Country 106 and Jack Mix Country @6:30 PM Central Time

10/15/2013 The new album "Those Tears I've Cried" released today

09/23/2013 The new album "Those Tears I've Cried" is out of production and we've just received the CDs. Release date 10/15/2013

08/03/2013 Interview with Olaf Christiansen, host of New Country Show on Bermuda Funk Radio - Program

07/29/2013 Interview with Jonathan Pendley of FBS Radio

06/28/2013 Donation from the download of "Have You Ever Known a Soldier?" on iTunes went out to Operation Ward 57

06/08/2013 We're looking forward to completing 5 new tracks: mixing and mastering by mid-summer! We're in the process of creating the CD art work etc. Looks cool! :)

06/01/2013 We want to extend a heartfelt thank you to Wish for Our Heroes, Until Every Troop Comes Homes and for all their help and support this past Memorial Day. Thanks so much guys!!! Ooh . . . if I haven't said it recently . . . than I'll say it now . . . you mean the world to me! :) SS

05/10/2013 Still in the studio; we are a few weeks away from completion of the new release.

05/01/2013 iTunes dowwnloads net proceeds will got to WISH FOR OUR HEROES for the month of May and June. It's an honor to support this outstanding organization.

03/27/2013 Teamed up with Wounded Warriors Family Support: 100% of the net proceeds from the sale of "Have You Ever Known a Soldier?" purchased on for the months of April and May 2013 go to support their good works

03/22/2013 back at Studio A working on background vocals

03/18/2012 Published: It's All About Giving Back!

03/15/2012 Wish for our Heroes launched the "Have You ever Known a Soldier?" Campaign

03/13/2012 Until Every Troops Comes Home started the "Have You Ever Known a Soldier?" Campaign

03/12/2013 Finishing guitars and starting vocals in the coming weeks - Hoping for a May/June 2013 release date!

03/11/2013 100 CDs went out to with Until Every Troop Comes Home for care packages sent to soldiers

03/11/2013 We launched our campaign with Until Every Troop Comes Home

03/09/2013 We started working with Wish For Our Heroes supporting vet and their families

03/08/2013 Steve started working on the electric guitar work for the new album :)

03/07/2013 We finished up the bass work on the new album with Rob Crozier - awesome bass player!

03/05/2013 Most of the acoustic guitar work for the new album has been completed

03/01/2013 We teamed up with Operation Ward 57 at Walter Reed Hospital to benefit our wounded worriers

02/13/2013 Started work on Drums (Will Osler) and Bass (Rob Crozier) for the new album at Studio A Detroit

02/11/2013 Released "Echoes in My Heart" Video

02/08/2013 Planning to be back in the studio with a new album - Studio A Detroit!

02/06/2013 We reached 1000 likes on Facebook!!! :)

02/02/2013 100 CDs sent out to Operation Gratitude for care packages sent to soldiers – hope they like country music

12/26/2012 Released "Thoughts on Fire" video – it’s hot!

12/12/2012 "Thoughts on Fire" Top Requested song at Sound Machine Country Radio this month

12/08/2012 Our first donation from the "Have You Ever Known a Soldier?" campaign went out today to benefit the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) organization as a token of our appreciation for all they do to support our disabled veterans.

12/07/2012 Interviewed with Joyce Riley from The Power Hour Radio Show – very early in the morning 

12/03/2012 Released "Tequilarama" video

10/29/2013 Released "Have You Ever Known a Soldier?" video

10/27/2012 Interviewed with Vern Bagley from the Voice of Veterans Radio Show – we got some hits from Phoenix

10/16/2012 Interviewed with Melissa Johnson fo Family of A Vet Blog Radio

09/08/2012 Interviewed with Dale Throneberry @ Veterans Radio right here in Michigan

09/04/2012 The Veteran Site published the story behind "Have You Ever Known a Soldier?" lot for views as a result!

08/14/2012 The official release date for Shining Like You Do the album

08/2/12 Final Mixing and Mastering of the album at Studio A Detroit

January - July 2012 Recording the new album at Big Sky Recording MI.

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