Steve Scott is an American Country singer, songwriter, record producer and actor; a self-taught naturally gifted musician and performer.

Steve was originally the lead guitarist of a band that show-cased all over the New York tri-state area. After his earlier musical experiences Steve followed another of his passions, American History, graduating from the University of Arizona. While living in the South West he discovered his real calling: Country Music. As a child, Steve grew up (in large part due to his Mom’s great taste in music) listening to such Country icons as Loretta Lynn, Johnny Cash, Patsy Klein, Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard and Hank Williams just to name a few – in essence, all the music Steve’s Mom so dearly loved strongly influenced who he became as a musician.

Steve is also a talented and experienced performer; he has acted in various productions around the world from Off Broadway in New York to feature films. He has performed with such names as: Harvey Keitel and David Bowie in the Western “Gunslinger’s Revenge”; and, other well known actors such as: Christopher Walken, Viggo Mortensen, and, the late great Academy Award winner Martin Balsam to name a few.

Steve Scott’s musical talent steers the listener through a journey of passionate soulful prose infused with a traditional country “down-home” brilliance: A romantic cowboy’s poetic truth!

Meet Steve

Made in Detroit: Rustbelt Country . . . Americana at its best!

Steve Scott Country is Detroit’s premiere Americana sound. Their dynamic new release, Those Tears I’ve Cried (2013), encompasses many of the sounds that make Detroit great: driving Blues, pounding Rock and soulful Country. Steve Scott recently stated in an interview that “Radio has inspired  [musically] everything I do in my life.” Steve unabashedly writes radio ready hits that cleverly interweave classic pop/rock arrangements and rhythm sections, with traditional Bluegrass instrumentation. A sound he and his band like to call Rustbelt Country. This sound is exemplified by popular tunes like: Hide & Seek, Thoughts on Fire, Those Tears and Geronimo. Track 1, I Think About You, winner of The People's Choice Award Detroit Music Awards 2014, is a lively straight-up Top-40 hit waiting to happen!

Those Tears I’ve Cried, the record, winner of Outstanding Country Recording Detroit Music Awards 2014, is put together the way classic albums always have been: great songs from beginning to end; tunes that are varied, vibrant and belong together – a masterwork where each track guides the listener on a journey that’s complete. Steve’s creative genius is melding different styles and epochs of music that produce a fresh take on today’s country. For example, Lorra has a unique ‘60s kick-ass groove that even Hendrix would dig.
On the other hand, Halo is a brilliantly simple down-home traditional porch-swing classic. Tequilarama is an uplifting fun-in-the-sun; toes-in-the-sand, cowboy fantasy. The track is a creative tour-de-force that merges a full Mariachi sound with a kickback county vibe that’s topped off with a captivating pop/rock arrangement – It’s simply an awesome track!
“Tequilarama is a hit!” Al Sutton. Rustbelt Studios’ Al Sutton (famed producer and engineer of Kid Rock’s Double Platinum mega smash hit Devil Without a Cause) exceptionally engineered all of the tracks on Steve Scott Country’s epic new release: Those Tears I’ve Cried.
This album includes some of the best musicians in Detroit: Gia Warner (Background Vocalist) has shared the stage with the likes of Brian Adams, Steve Miller, and Martha Reeves - opening for Detroit’s own, the great, Bob Seger. Todd Glass (Drummer/Percussionist) has performed nationwide on TV and Radio
and toured live with Kid Rock. John Lang (Pedal Steel/Dobro) has been nominated for Outstanding Country Instrumentalist - Detroit Music Awards. David Mosher (Fiddle, Mando, Banjo and Vocals) has been nominated for Outstanding Folk/Acoustic Instrumentation - Detroit Music Awards. Rob Crozier (Bassist extraordinaire) has extensive experience in studio recording, live performance, and, is a graduate of the University of Michigan with a BFA in music studies.

In Shinin' Like You Do (2012) his solo debut CD, Steve draws influences from a large swath of traditional Americana, demonstrated by a fresh take on a rootsy cover like “Rocky Top” which counters his more contemporary hard driving country pop originals such as “Thoughts on fire" and “Don’t say You’ll Walk Away.” He puts his heart and soul into writing genuine poetic cowboy ballads like “Echoes in My Heart,” “You and I” and "Heart of a Grown Man." Steve’s unique approach in style is revealed through tunes like “Hide & Seek,” that mesh genres such as country, driving pop rock and bluegrass - which he and his band refer to as Blue-Rock-Country

Steve’s faith driven influence in spiritual gospels gleans mightily through the epic tune “Shinin' Like You Do” (A Song of Praise). His more “down-home” rootsy blues influences are strongly evident in “Geronimo.” And, on the flip side, “Tequilarama” rolls out a more fun loving tropical cowboy ecstasy which compels vivid imagery of warm musical nights, shaded days and lush tropical beaches.
“Have you ever known a soldier?” has a powerful patriotic theme coupled with a simple yet heartfelt message to all those who serves: Welcome Home! This song is emotionally gripping and delivers a long awaited sincere thank you to all our military heroes and their families.

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